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How to Auto Create Folder and File on Google Drive

By Vo Tu Duc
September 02, 2021
2 min read
How to Auto Create Folder and File on Google Drive

This is a step-by-step guide on how to Auto create Folders and Files on Google Drive by using Free Google Sheet add-ons. Please skip steps 1-4 if you have already installed the app.

Auto create Folders and Files add-ons

Auto create folders and Files is a free Google Sheet add-ons. The purpose of this software is to offer Google Drive users a way to auto create a new directory which includes Folders and Files.

image 0
auto create folders and file on Google Drive

This is a very helpful application in terms of removing the duplication of daily tasks. It is a must-have Google Sheet Add-ons if your daily tasks is to create the new folders that have similar structure and to create the new files that follow your company template.

You also can watch the full guide via Youtube as video below:

Let’s get started.

Step 01 - Create new Google Sheets

Click here to create new google sheets inside your Google Drive. Set the file name as you want.

image 1
Create a new Google sheet

Step 02 - Go to Add-ons and Get Add-ons

From your sheets, go to Add-ons and click to “Get Add-ons”

image 2
Go to Add-ons then get Add-ons

Step 03 - Search with keyword: Auto create folders

Search for the keywords: “Auto create folder & file” as screenshot as below:

image 3
Search the keyword auto create folder & files

Then click to install the app as screenshot as below:

image 4
Click and install it

image 5

image 6

image 7

image 8

image 9

Step 04 - Install successfully

If you successfully install, you will see a menu in the picture below.

image 10

We now need to download the pre-configuration and the license key.

Step 05 - Download template and get license key

Click the Download template button to download the template / pre-configuration.

Some new TAB will appear in your google sheet. There’s also a folder which has been created automatically inside your Google Drive.

All your folders and files will be created inside the folder later. We call it the master folder. You can change the name of the master folder as you want. We now just go on as default settings.

image 11

Now you need to sign up and get a license key. You will receive the key via email as soon as you fill in the form as pictured below.

image 12

You will receive an email with a key as pictured below. Copy the key and paste it into the Setup tab.

image 13

Open your sheet and put the key as position below.

image 14

We are ready to use the app. Let’s create the first example.

Step 06 - Create first example

Just go to the app menu and click the Auto create folders & files button.

There some folders and files as shown below will be created automatically inside your master folder.

image 15

Inside every child folder, you will see a template file which has been created automatically. You can change the template as you want.

When running the application, you can set and change the name of the folder and template file as your real scenarios.

Step 07 - Auto create folders and files on Google Drive as your need

That’s all for installation and running the first example. You now can use the add-ons to create whatever kind of folders and files structure as you want.

Below are some examples of real scenarios.

You can create a folder to save everything for a new project in the picture below. Remember that you only need to 1-click to create this folder.

image 16

There is more. I really love that the app offers a way to manage the information of all folders and files at once.

We can easily access all folders and files inside the master folder as in the picture below. You can see this feature at the Output sheet.

image 17


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